Intelligent Service Orchestration

TekumoPRO is the only on-demand, end-to-end service orchestration platform that provides the human link in your service delivery chain.  We orchestrate all service events for stronger SLA performance and improved ROI.

TekumoPRO offers clients:

  • Multi-source access to on-demand labor, creating a hybrid workforce for greater efficiency and quicker onboarding
  • Availability of the precise skills necessary for your service event needs
  • Intelligent and automated project coordination and delivery execution
  • Real-time visibility of the service event for all key stakeholders
  • Field Service Management (FSM) system integration
  • Proven service event management for successful SLA outcomes
  • Flexible program management and capabilities that can be customized to your unique service event needs
  • Greater adherence to processes and best practices across the entire variable workforce
  • Eliminating margin stacking through our “Direct-To-Tech” pricing and a “Pay-per-Event” model
  • Improved ROI on Total Services with fewer individuals involved in service tracking and administration


Less people, less time, less cost – better outcome

Save Money

By using a pay-per-event, Direct-To-Technician pricing model.

Save Time

Avoid the time-consuming process of sourcing and managing an OnDemand Workforce.

Improve Efficiency

Use a single interface to manage all service events and escalations.

Improve Effectiveness

SLA compliance; qualified, dependable technicians.